utorok 2. augusta 2022

Katherine Arden - The Bear and the Nightingale


I bought this book five years ago because it was supposed to be based on the russian fairy tales. I couldn't miss that. I was really looking forward to reading it. Winter, beautiful surroundings. It looked like The Bear and the Nightingale would be my cup of tea. However, I immediately found out that I made a mistake. I barely read 60 pages and then I gave up.
But I was so bored not long ago and my only unread book was this one. I tried to give it a second chance, but I have been more disappointed than the first time, even Morozko did not save it. I read this until the end, but I'm not happy and I don't need more parts. This is a trilogy, so it is very sad. I did not interested in it anymore.

I couldn't describe what I didn't like about the book years ago, but now when I read it, I know what it was. I was bothered by the childish writing style. Sorry. This book was not for me. Maybe the writing style bothered me because English is not my mother language. I couldn't get into it. It was too naive and I hate books like that. I know that the story was written based on fairy tales, so I could have expected naivety, but in my opinion, it could have been written differently. I was expecting something different. But teenagers will enjoy this book. I was no longer a teenager five years ago, so this is the reason I did not like this story even then. Maybe.

My rating: 3/5

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