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Robert M. Drake - Gravity

Wes, a sad young woman trapped in her past, broken by unexpected tragedy, lost perspective of her life. One situation changed everything and she became haunted by her memories. Wes sees a different reality. She is blaming herself, but why? You will find out. One day she was flying toward San Francisco and then it happened. Only stranger can save her in a interesting way. Did little talk help to clean up the confused mind? You will see...

Robert M. Drake is trying to bring something new in his work. This is the first novel by him. He has come a long way from poems, short stories to the book with continued storyline. But was it worth it?

I made pre-order. Robert's books are always close to my heart, so I didn't think twice. Official release date is May 29, so I am glad that I own it right now. While I was waiting for my copy, I was thinking how Gravity will be written. Will I like it? Will I miss his old style? I missed his poems. It must have happened, but this is not a tragedy at all. He changed himself, but you can read his beautiful thoughts in the text so easily.

I mean, all my life I had been worrying about other people, worrying about their well-being, but while I was out saving the world, who was out for me? Who was saving me? No one, no one was, and this was the first step into that reality. No one could save me but myself.
(page 151)

Nonetheless, I had a little problem at the beginning. I didn't love airplane's surroundings from the start. Then I changed my mind for some reason. I admired the author for his decision. Something may happen onboard a plane as well. Especially when you are drowning in your memories. First pages bugged me, but after this, it completely turned to something different. I enjoyed it. There was nothing to complain about. I started to realize that the flight is important for story in general.

The characters are human, like us - with their hopes, dreams and flaws. We can sympathize with them simply. Maybe you will see yourself or friends in them. Maybe you have  the same problems. I found myself in this novel often. Everyone has ever lost a friend. I had kind of feeling that book was written for me. It's giving me goosebumps every time I read his work, because he is writing from his heart. He is close to all the people. I feel that we're part of something. Just then I hope my life will change for the better.

I was searching for another book extract when I looked at this one. Fate? I think so. I can totally relate to this.

I didn't want to be the girl filled with sadness, although I was. Just the idea of being this "freak" made it hard for me to be approachable. I smiled a lot, and almost every day someone would ask me if I was okay. Yes, I was, somewhat on the surface, but within, I wasn't.
(page 163)

Robert managed it without difficulty again. He tried something new and I really like it, but I can only imagine how Gravity will upset "true fans". I want to laugh. Some people will not be able to get over it. When you think that Beautiful And Damned was a trash, well, this is not his collection of poems, too. The writer wants to surprise us with every book, but some readers could have a nervous breakdown. This is reality. If you want, read the book, but do not complain about everything. I warn you in advance. Thank you for understanding.

My rating: 4,5/5 

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  1. Great review :) I hope that one day I'll find an author who I can relate to just as you!
    And good job with getting the book earlier than the rest of the world! I'm loving this coincidence :)

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