streda 15. novembra 2017

Robert M. Drake - Moon Theory

This is his another poetry collection. We can find the poems about self-love, humanity, life... but something is different. Some of them are really personal  - dedicated to his daughter - and it is so sweet.
Robert tells us that we must love ourselves before anyone else. It is important for most of us, isn't it? 
Some of us care more about other people and it is not good at all. We will get hurt. It's breathtaking how magical his words are. How he is transforming pain into something beautiful, valuable, saving lives. Everything he mentions are simple things but not everyone is ready to sees it. So he has opened our eyes.

The review will be shorter, because the poems speak for themselves. My first thought when I opened the book was: The old Robert is back! No, don't get me wrong, I loved his previous books as well. I started adore the writer because of his poems and I was looking forward to another one collection. The moment had finally come. A readers can see him in typical form in which he is writing the poetry. I hope that he will surprise us with his drawing, too. It was not here but it doesn't matter. I enjoyed Moon Theory even without them. (If the author reads this: Please draw. You are so good at it. It would be a pity if you did not do it.)

A Brilliant Madness is maybe my favorite, so I was really happy that this book is similar in my eyes. I was so grateful when I was reading it. Pure emotions, minimalist, simple verses (on the other side, very accurate). I realize that he repeats the same thoughts that he wrote before but with different words. So amazing. You have to think about it... and when you think, you must relate to it. There is no other way. I have cried so many times, again and again. Robert writes about things I'm afraid of. About loneliness, sorrow... I realize that the writer knows me better than I know myself. It's scary, isn't it?

I love this book so much. The poems are really beautiful, true, sad, so it makes you think about everything and you will make a move. Good news: At the beginning of this one, we can see all his books (like always) and three more books are going to be released next year. I will definitely want to read it. Moon Theory proves that he can do anything what he wants to but he will never forget a poems. So next time when you will complain that he has changed himself, remember this.

My rating: 5/5 

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