nedeľa 12. februára 2017

Christobel Kent - The Loving Husband barely knew her husband. She got married, because she got pregnant... simply. She believed that Nathan was the only one... or seemed to be like this, but nothing is as it seems, isn't it?
They moved so quickly from busy London. They wanted to settle down with their two kids to a farmhouse. It should be a new start, but something went wrong. Sooner or later, your past will catch you! No matter how hard you try. Dirty secrets are worst. You can't run from it.

One night Fran find out that Nathan is gone. What will she do? She will discover the truth with police help. Who was he? The man, father of her kids?

I bought this book because it had bad reviews from Goodreads users and I like not going with mainstream. I am who I am. I was so curious. Will I like it or won't? You never know, so I grabbed my copy. I had read a lot of thrillers since I have been a book reviewer. I know what is good.. according to me, so let's reading!

That was so boring from the very start. This isn't working. Why I bought this book? Why?! Reviews are here for some reason – to prevent people make mistakes. (Buy bad literature is one of them. Do you agree with me?) I was in shock. Well, I just wanted to delete all positive feedbacks from cover of The Loving Husband. Rating is a sneaky thing... but there was something what kept my interest. Nathan – very difficult character to understand. He is keeping this „brilliant story“ alive.

I had mess in my head. The writer jumped from Fran's past to the present so wildly. Sometimes it was hard for me to recognise which storyline it was. I don't know, maybe this is only my problem because I'm not a native speaker. Everything was messy, but I didn't want to give up. Even if it caused me a headache. I read it successfully to the end. And I want to tell you..

This was epic. My expectations were; solve the case, see how detectives work, typical crime story, but truth was far from it. This discovery was really upset me. Everything was about Nathan's wife. She was the most important character in the book. The police investigation went sideways. I was so angry and bored. That's the reason why I didn't enjoy The Loving Husband.. at the beginning. The situation has changed in the middle of the story. Why I had to wait so long? Tensions were escalated. Everybody was weird. Twist was unreal at the end. I can't tell you more, sorry, but Nathan wasn't the loving husband at all! That's a shame.

Positive feedbacks didn't lie, partially. It had just slowly start, but it's a pitty. Some of you don't have enough patience. I thought book must interest me from the first page, but I learned that it might not be true. Christobel was saving everything, when she put one important fact into her work. I changed my attitude to the book. Just a small intervention and it seemed like a different story. Disturbing facts were started to emerge, hitting like a tidal waves. So sophisticated. But I can't give better rating than a average for reasons that I mentioned. Hope you understand. It's definitely worth it, but uninteresting „opening“ of the thriller hold my enthusiasm back.

Rating: 3/5

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