nedeľa 12. marca 2017

Robert M. Drake - A Brilliant Madness

A Brilliant Madness is a collection of mainly sad poems, but I love it. I can't count how many times I have cried.
Robert M. Drake is a phenomenal poet. He is especially well-known in U.S. I wanted to bring this type of books to Slovakia as well.

These poems are really easy to understand for foreign people. They are simple, but incredibly beautiful. They are dealing with the most serious social problems, for example how we became strangers to each other, how depraved are our priorities... What a depressing piece of art.

As you can see, I took photos. This review is important to me for simple reason. I found out about this author by accident when I was looking for some inspirational quotes for my new tattoo. I had his words tattooed on my hand.

I read his work on instagram ( and I fell in love with everything he posted. I want to own all of his books.

Sometimes I have the feeling that I am freak, that I don't belong anywhere. Robert showed me that I'm not the only one. This is everyday reality to thousands of people on this planet. You are not alone. He has opened my eyes with his raw thoughts that cut deep. The most important fact; all of us are broken, - however, each person in a different way. Nowadays people are totally dragged down. This is a difficult time. He told us that 90's was the best decade. I remember my carefree childhood, so I agree with him. A Brilliant Madness shows us the mirror of society. How we became so numb? This is really frustrating.

Even if he made us see the truth, Robert is trying to keep positive approach. Sometimes he totally failed. I cried over everything and I didn't want to hear that everything will be fine. The writer was getting in different state of mind as well. We both had fell into a depression. When you read this type of literature, it is obvious that you become more sensitive because of the world outside. It will open your eyes. Reading this book seriously hurts, but it is worth it! I've never cried so gladly. I drowned in my emotions, but I loved it. I was down, but it was so beautiful. I cannot complain. That was beyond control, raw, unpredictable, wild storm of madness. Of our personal madness.

If you have a chance to read his work, do it now. You never know when you will need it. A Brilliant Madness has found me at time, when I thought I am crazy. I was feeling detached from my surrounding. I see the world with different eyes because of the book. The writer told me exactly what I needed to hear in that moment.

My rating: 5/5

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  1. I love how you described all the feelings! I feel them sometimes as well and reading such real and heart-breaking poems is simply an amazing experience.
    Awesome review, you said everything that was supposed to be said. :)


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